2019 Filing Season & COVID-19 – Update #1



A Message for our Clients:



Accounting firms who assist others with tax compliance are deemed an essential service, so even if there are more draconian measures coming in the future, we will be able to continue operating.  However, we have changed our operating procedures, as follows:

  1. We are no longer open to the public.  If you need to drop something by, we have an outside secure drop box at our front door for this purpose.  Alternatively, please consider scanning documents to our portal, or faxing them to us at 503-225-1395.  Documents that are emailed should be password protected if they contain sensitive information.
  2. We will deliver all client returns using our couriers or using a paperless method involving uploading the tax returns and e-file forms to our portal. We will communicate with each of you individually regarding which method will work best for you.
  3. There is no change to the 4/15 deadline, so please be mindful that we are under the same time constraints as any other tax season and we ask your cooperation in returning your signed e-file forms to us as soon as possible. We ask you not to mail e-file forms if you are doing so within 7 days of the filing deadline, due to uncertainties in postal delivery.  In that case, you can scan the e-file forms to our portal, or fax them to us, as noted above.
  4. Although payment delays are permitted, we are advising all of our clients who can to pay all taxes and estimated taxes as usual on 4/15. If you are going to take advantage of payment delays, please be sure to record the date you actually made your payments, so that we can make the appropriate penalty relief request as may be required.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We hope all of you are staying well during these uncertain times, and we appreciate the opportunity of working with you.

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